What is Guest Posting and Blog Outreach and Why is it a Smart Move For Your Business?

By | December 24, 2020

Are you looking for ways to expand your online presence and get out in front of your target market? Do you wonder if there’s a way to push your product directly to those that need it? If so, then you need to learn more about guest posting and blog outreach.

Doing so can give you two different methods for expanding your online range. You can use them as a passive way of guiding more people to your website/brand.

See below for more information on what guest posting and blog outreach is, how they can help you, and the ways you can use them.

What is Guest Posting and Blog Outreach?

Imagine hopping on a blog site that you check out often and noticing that there is a new article written by someone that isn’t from that site. Intrigued, you read the article and gain useful knowledge outside of what that blog typically covers.

Whether you knew it or not, you’ve read a guest post. It’s when one company or blogger writes an article (or several) for another website. They do this in the hopes of spreading their range and inviting people to purchase their products, check out their blog, and so on.

Typically, you look around for like-minded blogs that are attracting those that you’ve titled as your target market. Simply ask them if you can write a blog for them (most are happy to let you), then be sure to include links back to your material.

Blogger outreach is along the same wavelength as guest posting, but slightly different. Blog outreach is when you take advantage of influencers (bloggers) in your niche and ask them to write about a product or service that you’re trying to gain exposure for.

For example, a supplement company might leverage a fitness blog to review their latest pre-workout. This is a better way of directly pushing your products out to their followers, rather than passive guest posting.

Benefits of Guest Posting

As you might imagine, there are several benefits to guest posting and blog outreach. See below for just a few of the many advantages your company will receive as a result of these initiatives.

Wider Online Presence

Imagine, for a moment, that your online presence is a spiderweb. You have all of these different branches reaching out to different areas of the internet and, at the center of it, is your website.

Guest posting and blog outreach can help you build new branches and avenues to your site all across the internet through embedded links, a process known as backlinking.

Once you write a guest post or use blog outreach to have influencers blog about your products, you’ve established a branch that will bring you more prospects over time. Another benefit is that sites with a wider online presence are more attractive to search engines such as Google.

Access to Your Target Market

Have you ever come across a website with a significant following and thought “man, if only I could pitch my product/service to their audience!”? Guest posting and blogger outreach give you that opportunity.

Few marketing tactics offer a better way to get in front of customers. Not only are you expanding your brand, but you’re also exposing it to people that are legitimately interested in your company.

That means that you’ll see better lead generation, higher sales conversions, and be able to build more customer loyalty easily. All of this will be done passively, meaning you don’t have to actively go out and search for those people.

Whether you’re trying to get more people to purchase a product, subscribe to a newsletter, or just make a connection with you, guest posting and blog outreach help you do just that.

Quickens the Sales Process

Are you tired of being a victim of hope with your clients? There’s nothing worse than putting your best foot forward and still not being able to push someone to purchase your product.

The fact is that you might be pitching to the wrong audience. With guest posting and blog outreach, you’ll be able to shorten the sales cycle by pushing your product to your target market.

In fact, there will be times where first-time site visitors will purchase your products. That means they’ll become loyal customers that much faster and solidify your book of business.

Higher Return on Your Investment

It used to be that companies would waste thousands (if not millions) of dollars on marketing initiatives, hoping that their ads would find their target market.

These days, you can almost guarantee that you can find your target market by simply using SEO, guest posting, and blog outreach. Whether you pay influencers to push your product or swap content opportunities with them, it will reap a higher return than most other methods.

Be sure to consider this in your planning. How much are your current marketing tactics bringing in? Could you benefit from a bigger community? Do you want a way to expose your brand to thousands of people for the first time? If so, then guest posting and blog outreach are the clear-cut answer.

Use Guest Posting and Blog Outreach to Your Advantage

Now that you have seen several reasons why guest posting and blog outreach are so vital to your marketing efforts, be sure to integrate them today.

Take the time to research successful bloggers in your industry. Does your brand mesh with theirs? Can your product answer a pain point for their followers?

Be sure to browse our website for more articles on blog outreach, as well as many other helpful topics you will enjoy.

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