What is SERP? What is an organic result?

By | May 23, 2021

What is SERP? What is an organic result?

The web page that a search engine returns after a person submits a search query. Along with organic search results, search engine results pages (SERP) often include paid search and pay-per-click (PPC) ads or in other words SERP is listing of Web pages proven or returned by Search Engines (Google on this case) in response to searches made by Web users. It is the most desirable place user want to have for their website. SERP plays a vital role in Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

What is SERP Digital Marketing

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Pages, are web page listing based on keyword query. Google exhibits a listing of websites (normally ten per page) that is considered related based mostly on the keywords used by the searcher. The first web page or top SERP is an important page of all and that is the place each webmaster wants their web sites to be presented; to carry a position throughout the top ten web sites that will be listed. Having a rank on this necessary results web page will enhance the probabilities of being visited by Web users as a result of individuals searching the Internet seldom to go to the next web page of search results.

A SERP means feature of any outcome on a Google SERP that is Search Engine Results Page which is not a traditional organic result. Displayed web pages are the results of the top of the SERP or search engine results pages SERPs.

Search Engine Result Page Examples

Search engine result page have various website lists in it mainly 10 web pages are displayed on every page or top of the page. When someone search something online using any search engine. For example if someone search query “Flow” keyword in Google, there are various websites displayed on the first page mainly there are 10 websites on each page. This is called SERP that these top ten websites have the word “Flow” in its title or its content. Some video results are also displayed. Below is Search engine result page example.

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What is SERP? What is an organic result?

Google Search Results Page Layout

SERP usually contain two types of content: “organic” results and “paid” results.

What is an Organic Result

Organic results or organic search results or organic listings are the web pages listing which are based on search engine’s algorithm.

What is a Paid Result

Paid Results are those listing that have been paid to be displayed by an advertiser on any search engine results pages especially in Google which is SERP Google.

SERP Checker

SERP checker gives an accurate location, along with specific SERP results and rankings. The SERP checker finds 30 top-ranking domains throughout each keyword, searched from any location on desktop or phone. It analyzes every competitor’s performance and identifies search engine trends. There are various SERP checker available on internet.


There are various SERP tools available. Some are paid tools and some are free tools. They analyze all the strength as well as weakness of competitors, compare mobile and desktop results, comparing website with competitors and many more SERP features.

SERP Features

There are many SERP features some of the most common SERP Features are as below:

  1. Rich Snippets means add a visual layer to present outcomes or existing result featured snippet. Rich Snippets example: review stars for product ratings.
  2. Paid Results are the results that are purchased or bought by bidding on keywords. Paid Results example: AdWords or Google Shopping
  3. Universal Results are the results that appear in the addition to organic results. Universal results example: image results, new results, featured snippets
  4. Knowledge Graph are the data which appears as panels or boxes. Knowledge graph is a database which collects many of pieces of data for keywords individuals frequently search for on the www or World Wide Web and the reason behind these keywords, primarily based on the already available content. Knowledge Graph example: weather, Celebrity Knowledge Panel.

Knowledge Card

Knowledge card helps in pulling that information which user usually search for. It basically includes websites, hours of operation, address and other information related to business. Google utilizes these facts and presents when user search for in their query.

Increase Google SERP Rank by Improving PageRank

PR or Page Rank is the trademark of Google. PR is used to rank website to show importance, quality and popularity on the internet. Improving PageRank will automatically increase rank in SERP. If a website’s Page Rank (PR) increases then the chances of having a good listing in SERP is also improving. But it does not always work the other way or vice versa. Having a low Page Rank (PR) does not always mean a website’s status in SERP will drop.

How to Level-Up the SERP Ranking of the Website

SERP or Search Engine Results Page ranking is the desirable place anyone want to have for their website. It is the result of question or query on Google. The greater SERP ranking of the website more traffic to the website. It will automatically have higher conversion rate.

There are various steps how to level-up the SERP ranking of the website. The steps are:

STEP 1: The title of the content should be attractive and should have proper keyword.

STEP 2: Understand Google Algorithm which is very important to rank any website on Google.

STEP 3: Know website’s current search ranking which will show the number of results on rank on specific searched terms, monthly searches, cost-per-click or CPC for paid search, and many more.

STEP 4: Always maintain organic traffic as visitors trust organic websites and has more traffic.

STEP 5: Make the website mobile friendly is very important as it help in better SERP Ranking.

STEP 6: Doing research for keyword is important. Also do research for competitors.

STEP 7: Use rich snippets and better permalink. Google will feature in SERP which will gain traffic. The content should have better permalink which will automatically gain more traffic.

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