Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies 2021

By | March 17, 2021

Running a business is not a piece of cloth you wear one night and throw it next day. It is something you heavily rely on and willing to go the extra mile to make it work. But, with a business comes responsibility. Responsibility to make your customers happy and living up to their expectations. That said, following the appropriate digital marketing tactic is essential for your business growth and customer retention. Here are the Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies 2021.

Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies 2021

1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is an effective digital marketing strategy to improve website ranking online. Unlike search engine marketing that comes with paid advertisement feature, SEO has no such type. SEO requires consistent efforts to rank keywords organically. SEO includes On-Page and OFF Page SEO. On-Page SEO is about website analysis and making corrections as per Google and user point of view. Because 80 % of the visitors never scroll a website that takes enough time to load. As a result, it increases the bounce rate, which is not good as far as visitor retention is concerned. Next is Off-Page SEO, which includes keyword research, backlinks creations, and other tasks. The surprising fact is that only 10 % of users go to the second page of search results to search their query, and more than 30 % of visitors finalize their decision with the information they see on the first page. Therefore, having an effective digital marketing strategy can get you out of a lot of trouble when it comes to improving your business presence online.

2) Search Engine Marketing:

SEM stands for search engine marketing. It is a brilliant method to bring traffic to your website via paid advertisements. You can rank your website on the first page of Google and generate enough sales to meet Campaign goals. Google ad is a worldwide SEM platform that brings a significant amount of traffic and conversion. You can set the campaign budget and cost per click price as per your business requirement. Google Ad features allow you to choose ad placement pattern that includes graphic display ads, YouTube video ads, text-based search ads and more. Also, you can analyze or track how your ads are performing in the targeted region.

3) Local Search Marketing:

Having been found by the local consumers has its own benefits. Isn’t it? When your business get listed on Google Maps, then it aids customers to have complete detail of your business including physical address, phone number and even business hours. Also, you might surprise to know that more than 85 % of users use search engines to find businesses in the local area. So, having a Google My Business account is a brilliant way to connect to customers and add value to their lives. Moreover, don’t forget how reviews are helpful for your business and the new customers it brings. Positive reviews on platforms such as Yelp would inspire new customers to avail of your services.

4) Content Marketing:

As the saying goes “Content is the King” holds a huge potential to attract the audience on a larger scale. When a visitor scroll through your website, they won’t only look at how the website is designed, they would spend most of their time reading your content. Your content has to be relevant, valuable, and consistent. The content marketing goal is to help users have the best information they can in one place, generate conversions and increase traffic. You can avail the content marketing services by contacting a digital marketing strategy consultant. They can help you meet your business goals by delivering high-quality blog posts, articles, and Facebook ad copy.

5) Email Marketing:

Like any other digital marketing tactic, email marketing comes with lots of benefits. With a compelling email sales copy, you can turn a reader into a potential customer. It is a method to generate the maximum amount of sales and conversions. Like content marketing, email marketing provides relevant information to the audience and discounts to keep them coming back to make a purchase. It is one of the most affordable methods to fulfill business needs. You can choose the images, social media icons and can add a referral reward system. It would eventually increase your product sales with compelling content.

6) Social Media Marketing

Like SEO, social media marketing is a splendid method to increase brand awareness among customers. The must platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn offer post scheduling feature that allows users to go through your content despite having different time zones. Also, one of the excellent benefits of social media marketing is its cost-effectiveness. The cost of a social media campaign is relatively low in comparison to other marketing strategies. Even customers prefer to use social media to get in touch with their preferred brands and even submit reviews to showcase their trustworthiness and loyalty. That said, choosing social media as a marketing tool is worth the effort.

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7) Video Marketing:

Whatever your goal is, the video marketing tactic can help you go a long way. It involves promoting content via videos. No doubt, you have watched brand videos on YouTube and understood the video marketing concepts. Yet, there is a lot that needs to learn. One of the major benefits of video marketing is you can involve influencers in your marketing campaign to promote your products and services. Also, it is advisable to keep your video short with a compelling message. With this approach, you can easily convey the core values of your business.

Final Thoughts

Each digital marketing tactic is significant for your business, but like every coin has two sides, each tactic comes with some pros and cons. That said, choosing the right digital marketing strategy can help you in your business growth and stand you out from the rest of the crowd.

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