Mobile Phone And Human Life

By | May 5, 2021

Mobile Phone And Human Life

We are living in an era where every work is done by machines and we human are becoming lazy day by day. Human wants everything in a single click. They want a robot who can work for them. Nowadays, there are machines for dish washer, washing machine, and many more. Like this, there is one gadget which is not making us separated from others but also giving us health problems that is “Mobile Phone”.

Through phone, we are attached with our family, relatives and friends whenever we want through calls and video calls. We can reload our memories while watching photos in gallery. We can chat with family members and friends in social media apps like facebook, instagram, whatsapp, when we are in long distance. Watching informative video in youtube.

We can clicks photo and record videos to reload our memories. Sharing wishes and photos to family members, relatives and friends.  In the any emergency, having mobile phone can help us to reach quickly which can possibly save lives. We should use mobile phones in free time but in limit. We can do mobile banking. We can pay bills like electricity bill, phone bill, water bill, and many other transactions in shops and online shopping.

Mobile Phone And Human Life

Mobile phone is necessary part of our life. It has become like oxygen which we need to exist in this planet, Earth. It has many functions which make us attracted like social media applications, camera, photo gallery, songs, videos, calling and many more functions. We are using them and making ourselves busy and lazy. We should use mobile in our limit not to exceed. Using anything access is harmful. Mobile phones have radiations which gives health related problems.

Mobile phones have pros as well as cons. There are various news in which it is said that battery of phone blast and many people got injured even many lost their life. They are helpful but harmful also. We have discussed it cons here:

  1. Health related problems: In various studies, it is found that using mobile phone regularly for several hours can disturb our health. Various health issues occurs like it influence our nervous system headache, migraine, decreased attention, short tempered, sleep disorder and even depression. These problems are mostly among teenagers.
  2. Social disruptive: People nowadays don’t sit with their family members and talk with them. They continuously busy with their phones. Also they don’t visit any friend or relative’s home.
  3. Mobile bills: Humans are paying mobile bills more than on food items. Internet bills are also been paid as we use it more.
  4. Slow down battery: Battery of mobile phones keeps on draining whenever we use. Regular charging it also destroy not only its battery but also increases electricity bill.
  5. Loosing phone loses life: People keep every necessary details and documents on their phones. When the phone is lost, it loses everything even data in it. It looks like life is stopped.

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