Email Parser Software: What It Is and Brilliant Use Cases

By | December 8, 2020

As of 2019, approximately 293.6 billion emails get sent every day. With so much information spreading worldwide is there a way to make it work for your business?

There is! Putting all of that information into an order that is much easier to utilize and benefit from is as simple as a single piece of software. Find out how an email parser works and how you can adopt the service today!

Email Parser Software by Definition

Parsers are pieces of software used in data management. When emails arrive an email parser processes each of them. They collect data dependent on a configuration the software has.

By collecting data through automation you can turn unstructured data into organized databases. They are most often utilized with:

  • Contact forms on mailing lists and websites
  • Purchase order.
  • Lead generation contacts

Software in Action

Gathering or “scraping” for the various pieces of data can be useful for the majority of the areas in a business, however, there is a select handful where the process especially shines.

If you want to start learning how parsing software works itself into the workflow process, check out these features. They offer a broad view of the benefits of email parsing and a clear view of its mechanics.

Watching the Software Operate

An email parser, while it may seem complicated, is quite simple in operation. When you configure the piece of software you provide it with an “algorithm” or set of instructions with specific search criteria.

Any time there are emails received the software refers to your instructions and locates the terms or pieces of data you need.

Customer Support and Service Application

This is the first order of business that is made much easier by highly organized data. The better and the quicker you can serve a customer, the happier they will be.

If you are shuffling around for the required information, you will become stressed and the customer will become angry. Having automation create databases will save man-hours and will bolster the customer service experience.

Email Support

Handling emails is just as important and with properly configured parsers concerns can be determined immediately. Information regarding complaint type and relevant information is neatly organized for reference.

Any data collected is best compiled into spreadsheets or management databases to best

Customer Relationship Applications

Customer relationship management or CRM becomes one of the tops uses for this information. By pairing CRM software with an email parser you are ensuring that their databases are continually filled with relevant information.

CRM is essential to sales management and effective customer interactions. It is also used for developing future strategies in regards to a company’s customer base.

Automation is a huge benefit and method for keeping costs and work hours down.

Social Applications and Sales

Inbound emails can be an effective way to track trends. This includes both social media as well as purchasing habits. By configuring each mailbox with a different template you can collect specific information.

As the company grows the efforts can scale up or down as needed. They have been able to collect data following trends from emails, making this much easier.

Organic Grow and Success With the Email Parser

Email is a platform that, no matter how large of a scale, everyone on the internet uses. Put that email to use by configuring an email parser.  With such a large return on investment, there is no reason to wait if you haven’t already set yourself up!

You’ve gained value from this information and the information in your email is easier to use. Now all you need to do is come by the blog and see what else there is to learn!

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