Benefits of Essential Oils

By | February 16, 2021

Benefits of Essential Oils: Essential Oil has been a part of our life since the ancient era. They have therapeutic properties for a variety of problems. Their aroma acts as the medicinal property for many illnesses such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, stress, headache, migraine, etc.

Our mother nature has given us a variety of plants, trees, flowers, herbs, etc. With the help of nature, we are able to produce such a medicinal product called essential oil. It can be also described by its properties via Aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is conducted through ages. The aroma of the essential oils is helpful in the treatment of psychological and physical illness. The fragrance is absorbed by the body which helps to release beneficial hormones for the betterment of the body. Every essential oil has its own therapeutic property.

What is essential oil?

Essential oil is the processed product extracted from different plants, flowers, herbs, roots, stems, leaves, etc. The pleasant fragrance of the oil brings the positive energy which cures the functioning of the brain, nerves, and the physical part. It is also known as the antibiotic remedy for various illnesses. Many types of research have proven the benefits of essential oils in various treatments. One of them is “The constituent makeup of essential oils will vary from batch to batch, as they are drawn from plants that vary from country to country, field to field and even within the same plant from morning to evening,” says Mark Moss, a psychologist who studies essential oils at North Umbria University in the U.K., in an email to Discover. “The major components will always be there, but the relative concentration will vary.”

How to use essential oil?

Essential oils are produced through extraction, so we can use it by diluting them with carrier oils such as vegetable oil, jojoba oil, creams, bath gels, etc. Due to its strong scent, it is recommended to use carrier oils or creams with it. Researches have proven that the right use can lead to the benefits of these oils. Smells of rose, lavender, lotus, sandalwood can help in calming and relaxing our minds.

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