5 Signs You’d Be Great at an Automotive Career

By | December 9, 2020

Choosing to be an auto mechanic is a great career choice. Regardless of the economy, automobiles always need to be repaired. This is why there are more than 756,000 mechanics in the United States.

The good news is that you do not need a college degree to become an auto mechanic. This means you can start earning a competitive salary without a ton of college debt.

Read on to learn whether you would be good for an automotive career. Explore five signs whether a career in cars is the right profession for you.

1. Problem Solver

Mechanics are given a problem and need to fix it. This starts with identifying the problem. Diagnosis is the first step in the auto repair process.

Once the issue is known, the mechanic presents solutions to the customer. This includes a cost breakdown of how much the solution costs.

If you are a problem solver, a career in cars is right for you. Automobiles are complex systems and many issues are difficult to diagnose. For this reason, a person who enjoys problem-solving is the perfect mechanic.

2. Work With Your Hands

Not everyone is built for a desk job. Many people think it is boring to sit in a cubicle and work on a computer.

An auto mechanic works with their hands on a daily basis. They use a wide variety of tools to diagnose and correct automobile issues. It is unlikely that you will get bored working on cars everyday.

3. Understand Complex Systems

If automobiles were simple, people would repair it themselves. Instead, millions of customers bring their vehicles in for repair each year.

As a mechanic, you have to understand how complex systems operate. A vehicle has hundreds of parts and components. There are subsystems like the engine and cooling system.

Yet, many subsystems work together to make the vehicle operate. As an auto mechanic, you must comprehend both the small and big picture to identify and solve issues.

Mechanics also need to stay current with the latest technological developments. See here for the type of complex prototypes that mechanics are expected to learn.

4. Customer Service

You cannot hide under the hood forever. Mechanics do need good customer service skills.

An important part of the job is explaining issues to the customer and how to solve them. Some customers will give you a hard time over the repair strategy or cost. This is why mechanics need good customer service skills so they can manage these situations.

5. Honesty

Above all, mechanics need to be honest. Customers are naturally skeptical of mechanics.

Because they do not understand these complex systems, customers are fearful they are being ripped off. Building a reputation for honesty is great for your career.

Five Signs You Are Suited for an Automotive Career

Honest and skilled auto mechanics are always in demand. It is a great career choice as vehicles are always breaking down.

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