Top Website Design Trends 2020-2021

By | November 29, 2020

Website design has come a long way from the early days of the internet. Today, websites are much more interactive and beautiful.

Today, 75% of your business credibility comes from your website. The design and usability have to meet visitor expectations if you want to succeed.

The website design trends continue to take shape as we reach the end of 2020 and look ahead to 2021. The website design trends 2020-2021 show you how user preferences evolve and how designers respond to those shifts.

Read on to learn about the top website design trends you can use on your site.

1. Mobile Design Matters

The latest website design trends 2020 show how important mobile design is. About 47% of all online sales during Thanksgiving 2020 were on mobile phones.

Whether or not your site is ecommerce, you need to design your site for mobile audiences. Make sure the text is easy to read and the images download fast.

2. Use Images and Illustrations

You need to get your point across with very few words. Not many people are going to stick around to read the text.

To communicate the value of your business, you need to go the extra mile. You need to have a visual experience, be it through photos, illustrations, and videos.

3. Dark Mode

Dark mode for websites is a growing trend among users and designers. The benefit for users is that dark mode minimizes eye strain.

For businesses, there’s an opportunity to use a dark theme and bright, bold colors as accents. These bright accents draw the eye to the most important elements of the site.

4. Design for Conversions

Your website has a purpose. It’s supposed to turn visitors into warm leads. You can eventually turn these leads into loyal customers.

Make your site fast, and have one clear call-to-action. Use design elements to guide them towards taking that action.

Do you know if your website is designed for conversions? You should enlist the help of Web Design services to make sure that it is.

5. Integrate Chatbots

Visitors to your website have questions about your offerings and they’re not going to pick up the phone to ask a question. A chatbot is an easy way to engage visitors and meet their customer service expectations.

The best part about chatbots is that you can automate them to answer the most common questions. That reduces customer service time and keeps your potential customers engaged.

They’ll walk away impressed and more likely to make a purchase.

Website Design Trends 2020-2021

As we reach the end of a challenging year, we can gleefully look forward to 2021. The website design trends 2020-2021 tell you how important it is to design for users.

They are looking to get information quickly and easily. If they can’t do that they’ll move on to another site. Think about how a visitor uses your site and design accordingly.

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