Interesting Facts About Shadow Blade 5e

By | June 8, 2021

Interesting Facts About Shadow Blade 5e

Hi friends, Here our article regarding Interesting Facts About Shadow Blade 5e and what is shadow blade? How do you cast shadow blade? and much more in this post.

What is shadow blade?

This spell lets you create an illusion of reality. You can also create moving shadows. In addition, you can send harmful shadows to your enemies. Here’s how it works. When you cast the spell you look into the nearest 10-foot radius. You see a cloud of clouds. In the cloud, there is a shadow where the point of light is. You can then command that shadow to attack the nearest target for you.

How do you cast shadow blade?

To use this spell, you must be within 60ft of your target and the target must be within 60ft of you. In order to cast this spell, you must possess spell levels 1st-5th. You can use this spell three times during a short rest, then must spend one long rest to regain spell levels. When casting shadow blade, a shadow bolt appears in front of you and around you. The bolts are invisible to everyone except the spellcaster. A shadow bolt usually flies out at a random target in a line, which can run in any direction. The bolts do no damage. You must be within 60 ft of your target and the target must be within 60 ft of you. The bolts do not appear on an object unless that object is imbued with magic.

What is the range of the shadow blade spell?

The range of the shadow blade spell is 25 ft and 90 ft for semi-armored characters. What is the damage roll for the shadow blade spell? The range of the shadow blade spell is 25 ft and 60 ft for semi-armored characters. Is there a level requirement to cast the shadow blade spell? The shadow blade spell requires a level 11 spellcasting ability check. On a failed save, you create a thread of shadow that deals 1d6 bludgeoning damage and takes 1d8 necrotic damage. You can’t create more threads of shadow until you complete a short rest. The thread of shadow can’t manifest or use a specific effect until your next short rest. The character can begin a short rest while the thread of shadow is in effect.

What is the duration of the shadow blade spell?

This spell lasts for 1 minute. When does the spell disappear? At the end of its duration, the shadow blade disappears. What is the number of threads generated when you cast the spell? The number of threads produced is equal to the level of the spell. How many threads can you create? You can create 6 threads if you are level 3 or 8 threads if you are level 20. Can you move during the duration? You can’t move while casting shadow blade 5e. Can you cast shadow blade 5e more than once? Yes, you can. Just make sure you cast the spell once before moving. Can you move faster during the duration? Yes. You can move faster and be invisible to foes. However, it will consume 2 threads if you are moving faster than your base movement speed. Can you move slower during the duration? No.

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How much does it cost to cast shadow blade?

In order to cast shadow blade, you will need a +5 Human or Half-Elf paladin spell slot. While casting the spell, you need a light source on your person to light the thread. You will not have a source of light on your person until you cast the spell again. You can only cast shadow blade once per day. Does shadow blade require any material components? Yes, Shadow Blade requires 1d8 of +1d8 worth of shadow on the battlefield, including one object. If you have the material components, you can drop these items on the battlefield and these items are counted as a material component for casting shadow blade. How much power does shadow blade cast? Shadow blade cast at 1st level in all human ranks. It’s cast at 6th level and higher.

What does the shadow blade spell do?

The spell “Shadow blade” creates an illusion that the user believes is their weapon. The user can attack an enemy at the desired range without any effect. The illusion is designed to deceive the enemy that the attacker’s weapon has stopped striking. The spell is designed to be used with another spell that already creates a shadow, a second shadow cannot be created. Your character doesn’t need to have a sword, mace or quarterstaff in their inventory to cast a shadow blade. You only need to have the illusion spell. You can, of course, create a shadow blade on any weapon that you have equipped. As long as the weapon is out of your inventory, you can’t be hit with attacks while it’s in effect.


With a combination of both Elemental Evil and Dawnguard settings, it is easy to bring in a new or old character to your campaign. Shadow Blade uses some of the most common D&D class abilities while keeping true to its original shadow blade 5e spell. Though with the number of new classes in the 5th edition, some class abilities have to be removed. This spell gives players the ability to use skills from both of the greatest fantasy RPGs of all time. Next time you’re ready to take on a dark wizard, a spawn of a demon, or a vampire spawn, consider using this powerful new spell in your game! If you enjoyed this article be sure to check out our role-playing video game rules and game creation digital art tutorials.

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