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International Father’s Day is celebrated on 3rd Sunday of the month June every year. This day is dedicated to honor fatherhood. Although it is celebrated on different dates worldwide but many countries celebrate on third Sunday of the month June every year.

Fathers Day Message


Father’s Day was fist celebrated on June 19, 1910, in Spokane, the state of Washington. Sonora Smart Dodd was the founder of this day. She was having 5 siblings and her father was a single parent. He raised his 6 children alone. When everyone was celebrating mother’s day is celebrated to honor mother then father should also get honor. She told her pastor and decided to celebrate father’s day to honor father.

Father’s Day

Not only mother look after her children, father also love and care for his children. He works hard to earn money and make his children proud. He only wants to fulfill all dreams of his family especially his children and wants them to be happy ever. He sacrifice his needs to fulfill the dreams of his family especially his children.

Father’s Day Celebration

There are many ways to celebrate father’s day. Here are some suggestion to celebrate:

  1. Give father a gift which he likes the most. Like shirt, watch and any other he always love.
  2. Have dinner out and spend some special memories together.
  3. Visit beautiful places with him.
  4. Celebrating at home is also a good idea. Decorate his room and celebrate at home. Make dishes of his choice.
  5. Bring cake for him and ask him to cut and click pics and make memories.

Father’s Day Message

“Happy Father’s Day to you dad. You are precious gem of my life.”

“Son’s love and daughter’s whole world. Happy Father’s Day.”

“It is said that daughters are much closed to her father as their father treat them princess. Yes you are liked that Dad. Happy Father’s Day.”

“For a daughter, her father is the one who will never hurt her and will love her always. Happy Father’s Day.”

“Happy Father’s Day to the first man in my life, My Father. I am your proud daughter.”

“Dad is son’s first HERO and daughter’s first LOVE. Happy Father’s dad.”

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